A Collective of Souls

Dena McKitrick – Vocals, ukelele, hand drum. Fine artist with joyous heart and spiritual roots that reach into 12 step, earth-based spirituality, and a life spent immersed in the seeking of a deeper and ever present conscious connection with Great Mystery.


Marshal McKitrick – Vocals, guitar, recorder. Meadowlark spirit at heart, his spiritual journey includes: yoga, human potential movement, working with and expressing the sacred masculine, and more.




Darlene Viggiano – Vocals, hand drum. Gnostic, transpersonalist, psycho-spiritual Friend. Practices yoga, tai chi chih, qi gong, hypnosis, and dream-work.



Bruce O’Brien – Vocals, keyboard, violin, flute, bass, harmonium. Has been sometimes known as a practicing Monist and Jesussian.


George Peckham – Vocals, guitar. Growing up in a family where music was the “tie that binds,” he has come to experience community through music as an expression of the collective good in all of us. In addition to the deeper experience and meaning of community, he says, “It’s just alot of good old fun!!!”


Joyce Bahati – Vocals, hand percussion. At 3 years old, she sang along with the Baptist church across the street from her home and the radio. In the past 16 years her spiritual practice included certification as a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, leading sacred songs, dances and walks, and learning Afro/Cuban rhytms.  She is grounded in various spiritual paths, an Omni Faith Chaplain and Licensed Practitioner of the United Centers for Spiritual Living.

We're all on our souls journey...