The Journey

The seed of Souls Journey was planted after Dena and Marshal met in spiritual community in 2002 in the Sacramento, CA area.  When Dena found out that Marshal had experienced playing music for Kiirtans as a young man within a yoga sangha, she suggested that he do service by leading Kiirtan’s for the new thought church that they were attending at the time. He led the first Kiirtan there in October of 2004. As some of their friends from other spiritual circles began to join in and participate, it quickly morphed into Kiirtan’s being led by what eventually became the Souls Journey collective.  The group found other new thought churches in the greater Sacramento area that also wanted to host a sacred singing circle.

SoulsBefore long, Souls Journey sought other venues to share Kiirtan while spreading the joy in the larger community. Welcomed by a local yoga studio, the group held regular Kiirtans on a monthly basis in a less formal setting.  Along the way, Souls Journey was also invited to play at a several retreat centers in (and outside of) the Sacramento area.

In October, 2011, Souls Journey celebrated seven years of collaborating and raising a joyful noise with friends in community.  In honor of the change and mystery of seven year cycles, the group was inspired  to expand on the original vision of guiding and sharing community Kiirtans.

In this latest cycle of evolution, the collective of Souls Journey musicians and singers has continued to offer Kiirtan, while a core group has begun to add performance-based songs (both originals and covers) to the repetoire in order to magnify the sphere of musical ministry to the world at large and to broaden the choice of venues. These performances may consist of two members or more.

Venues that have hosted Soul’s Journey in either of it’s forms include:

  • Spiritual Life Center
  • Christ Unity Church
  • Unity of Davis
  • My Yoga Lounge
  • East-West Books
  • Fusion Yoga
  • Piccolo Pastures
  • Fairplay Farms
  • Center for Spiritual Awareness
  • Sacramento Center for Spiritual Growth
  • Center for Spiritual Living, Davis
  • Private gatherings and parties

We're all on our souls journey...