2012 in Review

Greetings fellow Souls,

We’re grateful to all of our group members for all of their hard work, perseverance,
presence of mind and heart, and making it happen in 2012! We all grew a lot together in our first year as a performing band.

Here are the highlights of the last year.

*We played four non-church gigs (three out of town and one in town.)

a) Birthday party for Doug Von Koss (Mr. Noah Project) in Sebastopol, CA (Feb. 2012)
b) Moving to Hawaii party for Allen Trux in Carmichael, CA (March 2012)
c) 1st Souls Journey in the Sierra Music Festival in Fairplay, CA(September 2012)
d) New Year’s Eve party at the Three Forks Grange Hall in Mt. Aukum (December 2012)

*We continued playing at CSG, Carmichael on a monthly basis and added playing at CSL, Davis a good handful of times.

*We went into the recording studio (Audio West – a big thank you to Ed Etzel0 and completed three songs that have been shared with our growing fan base through our website.

*We presented a number of World Premiere original songs from George, Marshal, and Dena at our performances, as well as some tunes spirit-sized by the band as a collective.

Wow, what a year! Well done, Souls Journey! Dena and I look forward to more exciting developments and adventures for the band in this new year of possibilities.

Marshal and Dena

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