Souls Journey

An Inspirited Collective with musical offerings from the sacred confluence of Joy and Conscious Community.

We are all on our souls journey

Souls Journey is a collective of musicians and singers dedicated to expressing joy through sacred and uplifting song and celebration. The Souls Journey band is an ever-shifting derivative of the collective. Time spent with any variant of Souls Journey is a community expression of Spirit, which combines a very eclectic mix of songs from a variety of spiritual traditions as well as other sources, including original and “spirit-sized” pieces.

Born out of an interweaving of personal paths and sharing within conscious community, Souls Journey formed because of our mutual desire to celebrate the common thread that connects all of Creation. We encourage everyone to sing together in the “perfection-free zone” of our Sacred circle. Our musical offerings are informed by such diverse expressions as monthly devotional singing circles, Dances of Universal Peace, the Noah Project, several kiirtan traditions, and by the rich flavor of each individual’s soul journey. An eclectic interfaith ensemble, we honor the many paths to God, Goddess, Great Mystery, Divine Intelligence and all of the many names of the Divine.



Sample The Dance (a George Peckham original):

(©2012 George Peckham)



Sample Sweet Love (a “spiritsized” gospel tune):

(©2012 Dena McKitrick)



Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Our version of a classic):



Unconditional Love (a D&M McKitrick original):

(Rough recording from the iPhone ©2012 Dena and Marshal McKitrick, combined with poetry from The Daily Napkin and art from ArtistJoyful – Dena McKitrick)

We're all on our souls journey...